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What are Bath Bombs ?

Today we will talk a little about how to make your own bath bombs. An idea that will look fabulous, plus they have a great smell and incredible fizz.

An inexpensive way to disconnect and relax is by taking a bath and adding a bath bomb, these stimulate the senses, are revitalizing and help relax tired muscles.

Bath bombs are a compact mix of dry ingredients that are fizzy when added to water. They provide vegetable oils, color and aroma to bath water.

It is very easy to do them and you do not need to have special instruments. If you don't have a bath bomb mold, we give you other alternatives that work just as well as molds. You can use molds for chocolates, in different shapes, such as hearts, these are found in craft stores. To create round shaped bath bombs, you can cut a tennis ball in half and use it as a mold. Other alternatives are muffin trays and ice cube trays. Small bath bombs are easier to make.



Tips and Tricks for Making Homemade Bath Bombs

If the bath bomb crumbles when removed from the mold, the mixture may need to be compressed further or it may be too dry. When placing the mixture in the mold, be sure to press very hard and leave it for a couple of minutes before removing the bombs. If that doesn't help, try spraying a very small amount of water over the mixture.

If your bath bomb spreads, it means that you have added too much water and the fizzing reaction has started. This can be rescued by adding more baking soda and citric acid, two parts baking soda and one part citric acid.

Make small portions of mixtures until you can make the bath bomb.

Remember that for a longer duration, it is advisable to use an airtight container when making the mixture and place them in the mold.

For exfoliating bombs you can use sugar or sea salt.